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Summer Courses | Tier II Social Sciences (2SS), Online & On Campus

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Summer with the College of Arts & Sciences—Enjoy our Parks | Fill some Reqs—includes courses that can apply toward Ohio University’s general education Tier II  requirements in Social Sciences.

Check the Registrar’s summer course offerings site for up-to-the-minute course availability—both online and on campus.

HIST 2010 Survey of United States History, 1865-Present (2SS)

This course provides a survey of American history from Reconstruction to the present, including the major political, social, cultural, and economic developments. It is taught by Mitchell Smith.

POLS 1500 Themes in Global Politics (2SS)

Dr. James Mosher

Dr. James Mosher

This class has an anchoring theme related to global politics, such as, but not limited to, norms, justice, power, conflict and cooperation, globalization and development. Taught by Dr. James Mosher, Associate Professor of Political Science, this course is part of the War and Peace theme and the Wealth and Poverty theme.

POLS 2200 The Politics of Law (2SS)

Dr. Judith Grant

Dr. Judith Grant

This course introduces the study of law as a political process with special emphasis on courts, legal ideologies, violence, and the mobilization of rights claims in social and political conflict. Taught by Dr. Judith Grant, Professor and Chair of Political Science, this course is part of the Making and Breaking the Law theme.

PSY 1010 General Psychology (2SS)

Dr. Keith Markman

Dr. Keith Markman

This online course introduces experimental and clinical psychology including physiological bases of behavior, sensation, perception, learning, memory, human development, social processes, personality, and abnormal behavior. The online section is taught by Dr. Mark Alicke, Professor of Psychology. Sections on the Athens campus are taught by Dr. Keith Markman, Associate Professsor, and Dr. Michael Grant, Assistant Professor. This course is part of the War and Peace theme and the Becoming Human theme.

SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology (2SS)

This courses examines the nature of human society and factors affecting its development. Fundamental concepts of sociology: culture, personality, socialization, social organization, groups, institutions. This course is part of the Food Studies theme, the Fire to iPhone theme, and the War and Peace theme.

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