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April 2, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Psychology Alum Selected for Max Planck Summer Institute, Faculty Position

Ohio University alum Dr. Jason Harman was selected to participate in the Summer Institute on Bounded Rationality​ at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin this summer. Then he’s headed to the Department of Psychology at Louisiana State University, where he has accepted a position as an assistant professor.

Jason Harman

Jason Harman

Harman earned an M.S. and Ph.D. in cognitive psychology at Ohio University, where he worked with Dr. Claudia González-Vallejo.

He has been a a post-doctoral research fellow in the Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University. His interests include cognitive and mathematical models of choice and decision making, specifically process models of dynamic decision making. Jason also has interests in medical decision making and behavioral economics.

About the Summer Institute on Bounded Rationality: “The Summer Institute is called ‘Summer Institute on Bounded Rationality’ – what do we mean by bounded rationality? In short it refers to how the mind reasons under limited time, information, and computational power. Whereas logic and probability theory assume perfect knowledge about the relevant features of the world, bounded rationality seeks to specify simple step-by-step rules (heuristics) that function well in an uncertain and complex world.”

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