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April 22, 2015 at 2:21 pm

Political Science Graduate Accepted to 11 Law Schools

Olayemi Olurin

Olayemi Olurin

What would you do if you were accepted to all 11 law schools to which you applied?  How would you decide where to go?  For Olayemi “Yemi” Olurin, it all came down to the visit (and the scholarships).

Olurin is a native of Nassau, Bahamas, and entered Ohio University in the fall of 2011. After being told by a high school English teacher that she would not do well in college, she used this comment as a catalyst to do her best.

“I came to college with a mindset. A plan. This was my opportunity to prove to myself, and not anyone else, what I could do.”  She chose to purse an international education and came to the United States so she could be competitive for admission to American universities.

She recalls being nervous attending Bobcat Student Orientation and going to her first class and credits Dr. Sarah Poggione, Associate Professor of Political Science, for keeping her “sane and grounded.” She also was influenced by Dr. Vince Jungkunz, Assistant Professor of Political Science, since he helped her understand that “law is always active in our daily lives.”

While at Ohio University, Olurin served as a member of Phi Alpha Delta, Learning Community Leader programs, RA, and the Center for Law, Justice, and Culture.

While other members of her family chose the medical field, Olurin says she “always knew I wanted to pursue law.” She is especially interested in criminal law and one day hopes to practice as a defense attorney. One issue of importance for her is the under-representation of people of color in law.

While taking the LSAT and applying to law school is challenging, Olurin decided to apply to 11 different law schools with the hope of being accepted into at least one of them. She applied to Georgetown University, St. John’s University, Michigan State University, Temple, Howard, Georgia State, DePaul University, American University, George Mason University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Northeastern.

When the acceptance letters began coming in, she was both surprised and excited. She was offered full-ride scholarships to both Michigan State and St. John’s. After visiting both universities over spring break, she chose St. John’s. “I knew I wanted to go there as soon as I walked on the campus.”

Her plans are to graduate from law school, to remain in the United States and to, hopefully, one day return to Ohio University and teach a class. Her advice to students? “Don’t expect support, but appreciate it when it’s offered.”

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