March 23, 2015 at 7:17 pm

Meteorology Student Gets Summer Internship at NBC4

Sarah Lemelin on camera at WOWK

Sarah Lemelin on camera at WOWK

Sarah Lemelin is interning in the weather room at NBC4 in Columbus starting in June.

Lemelin is a senior at Ohio University majoring in Geography-Meteorology graduating in 2016. She’s also the fund-raising chair for the Ohio University student chapter of the American Meteorological Society.

This is her second meteorology internship. Last summer she interned at WOWK 13 News out of Charleston, WV..

“At my internships, I get real on-the-job experience which helps prepare and teach me for what my life will be like after I graduate. And I love it!” Lemelin says. “In Charleston, I learned to forecast, make graphics, help out with severe weather, and practice green screen. I will be doing similar work coming up in Columbus at NBC4 this summer.”

Send an email to the station and inquire about internship opportunities, then you can follow up your resume, says Lemelin about her internship-finding process.

“Networking and creating solid relationships with professionals is key. When you get into the professional world, the real on-the-job experience that you get in an internship or research position is what is going to matter most. So involving yourself in any type of club, going to conferences, and putting yourself out there is the best advice I have in finding internships.”

Sarah Lemelin behind the camera at WOWK

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