March 1, 2015 at 4:15 pm

Mathematical Biology Seminar | Dynamics of an Intermittent Spraying Model, April 1

The Mathematical Biology Seminar series presents Bismark Oduro on “Dynamics of an Intermittent Spraying Model” on Wednesday, April 1, at 5:15-6:10 in 326 Morton Hall.

Bismark Oduro

Bismark Oduro

Oduro is a doctoral student in Mathematics studying with Dr. Winifried Just, Professor of Mathematics at Ohio University.

Abstract: Chagas disease is a major health problem in rural South and Central America, where an estimated 8 to 11 million people are infected. It is a vector-borne disease caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which is transmitted to humans mainly through the bite of insect vectors from several species of so-called “kissing bugs.” One of the control measures to reduce the spread of the disease is insecticide spraying of homes to prevent infestation by the vectors. However, re-infestation of homes by vectors has been shown to occur as early as four to six months after insecticide-based control interventions. This talk introduces a mathematical model of periodic spraying at fixed time intervals that is based on a mixture of differential and difference equations.  Both numerical explorations and mathematical results about existence of fixed points and period-2 orbits of the model will be presented. ​

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