March 13, 2015 at 1:24 pm

20 Arts & Sciences Students Earn Departmental Honors in 2015

Twenty College of Arts & Sciences Students earned departmental honors in 2015.

Outstanding undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences at the junior or senior level who maintain an accumulative GPA of at least 3.50 may be eligible to earn departmental honors from their department of major. A thesis or project is required as the culmination of supervised research or an appropriate project carried out over several terms. Students graduate “With Honors,” a designation noted on their transcript and diploma and an impressive credential for students applying to graduate school.

Nicholas Joseph Brumfeild, Political Science, “Faith in Politics: The Salafist Awakening in the Post Arab-Uprising Period.” Adviser: Dr. Brandon Kendhammer

Leah Cornish, Psychology, “Adolescent and young adult romantic relationship and cancer: Comparing patient and partner.” Adviser: Dr. Peggy Zoccola

Michael Craven, Psychology, “Effects of self-focused attention and fear of evaluation on anxiety and perception of speech performance.”

Natash Cromwell, Anthropology, “Typhoid Fever in Athens County, Ohio from 1867-1903: Mortality, Social Networks and Cultural Status.” Adviser: Dr. Nancy E. Tatarek

Elizabeth Cychosz, Anthropology, “’Everything is Just Starting’” (Re)presenting the Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocidal Crimes as a Post- Justice Site of Memory.” Adviser: Dr. Haley Duschinski

Kara J. Finley, Molecular and Cellular Biology, “CLIC Functions to Regulate Moesin Phosohorylation During Drosophila Rhabdomere Formation.” Adviser: Dr. Soichi Tanda

Melissa Gajewski, Creative Writing, “The Woods and All They’ve Kept.” Adviser: Dr. Joan Connor

Jarrod Knauff, Geography-Meteorology, “Post- Tropical Cyclone Sandy – A Case of the Dynamics that Influenced the Storm.” Adviser: Dr. Ryan Fogt

Omar Kurdi, Political Science, “Who is ir? Characteristics and Dispositions on the role of Islamic Religious Leaders in Conflict Resolution.” Adviser: Dr. Nukhet Sandal

Joshua Martin, Geological Sciences, “Locating Earthquakes Using a Distance- Weighted Velocity-Independent Method.” Adviser: Dr. Douglas Green

Andrea Nelson, Political Science, “Takeover Reform of Urban School Districts: The Cases of Philadelphia and Chicago Public Schools.” Adviser: Dr. Debra Thompson

Olayemi Olurin, Political Science, “Colored Bodies Matter: The Relationship Between Our Bodies and Power.” Adviser: Dr. Kathleen Sullivan

Eric Podolsky, Biological Sciences, “Pharmacological Rescue of Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms with Drosphila Larvae.” Adviser: Dr. Daewoo Lee

Samantha Rommel, Anthropology, “Voices of Transition: Cultural productions of Memory and Justice at Cambodian Museums,” Adviser: Duschinski

Jenna Rose Roberts, English,” Considering Jack Kerouac’s Franco-American Identity: An Ethnological Search for Truth and Culture in the Subterraneans.” Adviser: Dr. Joseph McLaughlin

Taylor Sue Sacco, Political Science, “The War on Drugs, HIV Infections, Harm Reductions, and Supervised Injection Facilities as an Alternative.” Adviser: Dr. James Mosher

Daniel Gerard Spencer, English, “’Take My Whole Life, Too’”: Elvis, America, and the Faustian Icon.” Adviser: Dr. David Wanczyk

Alexander Michael Terlecky, English, “Taking the Ell.” Adviser: Dr. Joan Connor

Cassandra M. Thompson, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, “The Effects of Nesting Density and Territory Size on the Offspring Sex Ratios and Reproductive Success of the Hooded Warbler (Setophaga Citrina).” Adviser: Dr. Donald Miles

Grant Witte, Geography-Meteorology, “Historical Antarctic Station- Based Pressure Changes in Austral Fall and Summer during the 20th Century.” Adviser: Fogt

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