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Smith’s Investment Supports Physics & Astronomy Activities

From Compass

Every year, many dedicated staff and faculty invest in their own departments monetarily at Ohio University in an effort to keep their programs alive and prosperous, all while encouraging growth and development.

Dr. Arthur Smith

Dr. Arthur Smith

Eager to invest in his program and his students, Dr. Arthur Smith, Professor of Physics and Astronomy for over 15 years, invests in the Physics & Astronomy Department within the College of Arts & Sciences.

“I wanted to contribute to the department’s foundation account, which supports a variety of functions such as social events and other important needs not covered by the department’s normal funding,” Smith said. “Whatever the needs are, these funds will be useful.”

The department’s foundation account helps to fund a variety of activities for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and alumni. These activities have included colloquium and seminar visitors, recruitment processes, flowers for ill faculty, staff and donors, scholarships, and events such as the annual Department Fall Picnic and the Annual Awards Ceremony.

“All of these events are beneficial as they bring together students, faculty and staff, creating a positive atmosphere in which students have a central role within a supportive, fun, and engaging environment,” Smith said.

Smith has been making an impact through his investment in the Physics & Astronomy Department for five years through payroll deduction, a form of giving that automatically withdraws one’s specified level of gift each pay period.

“I would recommend this to anyone. This method of giving works very well and is very easy for the giver. You set it up and don’t think about it,” Smith said of payroll deduction.

Investments in OHIO departments and programs can be made through one-time gifts or payroll deduction, and are all a part of The Promise Lives: The Campaign for Ohio University.

The Promise Lives Campaign was created in an effort to secure abundant financial support from alumni, friends and supporters of the OHIO community. This funding helps OHIO succeed in its pursuit of excellence as both a public university and a transformative learning community.

The Campaign was launched with one goal in mind: to reach $450 million in gifts to aid access and opportunity, research and creative activity, academic and student-life experience, the campus environment, and outreach and partnerships. Since then, OHIO has received $470.38 million, exceeding well over its initial goal of $450 million.

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