February 27, 2015 at 4:21 pm

English Grad Student Publishes ‘Valparaiso, Round the Horn’

Valparaiso Round the Horn by Madeline ffitchValparaiso, Round the Horn, a book of short stories by English doctoral student Madeline ffitch, is just out at Publishing Genius Press.

ffitch is a doctoral student in the Creative Writing fiction program in the English Department at Ohio University. She will be reading from the book on March 1 at Barrelhouse Presents, a monthly reading series in Washington, D.C.

The title short story from ffitch’s book, “Valparaiso, Round the Horn,” can be read on the Barrelhouse Magazine site.

The short story “What Wants to Be Shot by Madeline ffitch” is published on the Sententia Books site.

And “The Private Fight” can be read at The Collagist.

Madeline ffitch

Madeline ffitch

About Valparaiso, Round the Horn: The short stories of acclaimed playwright Madeline ffitch speak for themselves, loudly and clearly. ffitch is a fearless writer, and these 11 stories seem both magical and tethered to their rural landscapes. Here you’ll find a passionate scientist studying a forgotten species of Mud Turtle, a janitor who brings up his daughter in the basement of her middle school, a construction worker who actually minds where he pees … and a whole lot more. Throughout, you’ll be astonished and engaged by the colloquial fluency of her prose, the honesty of her piquant characters, and the intriguing and earthy backdrops that ground everything in this imaginative world.

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