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February 23, 2015 at 4:59 pm

Chen Seeks Undergrad Apprentice for Work on Optical Maps of DNA

Dr. Jixin Chen, Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, is seeking an undergraduate research apprentice for a project on “Super-Resolution Imaging for Optical Maps of Single DNA that Assist Genome Sequencing.”

College of Arts & Sciences freshmen, sophomores and juniors are eligible for the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Pilot Program 2015-16. The program hires students to work on faculty members’ research projects.

Dr. Jixin Chen

Dr. Jixin Chen

Chen’s apprenticeship is for 25 hours a week for the 12 weeks of the Summer 2015 term.

The Honors Tutorial College, in partnership with the Vernon R. and Marion Alden Library Endowment, the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Health Sciences and Professions, the Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education, the Russ College of Engineering and Technology, the Scripps College of Communication, University College, and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Activity, invites all interested Athens freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to apply for the 2015-16 research apprenticeships.

How to Apply

The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. on March 13. To apply for this internship, you must email Dr. Jixin Chen at The email should briefly explain your qualifications and interest in the project (no more than three paragraphs) and have an attached resume. It is strongly recommended that you meet with an adviser in the Career and Leadership Development Center in Baker Center 533 to help you compose your letter and resume before applying for a position.

Super-Resolution Imaging for Optical Maps of Single DNA that Assist Genome Sequencing

Single DNA imaging is an emerging need for genome sequencing, gene sensing, disease diagnostics, and forensic. The PI is interested in develop super-resolution fluorescence imaging strategies to see a single DNA molecules and to get some of the structural and sequence out of the images. This project requires some biological sample preparation as well as the imaging technique, which has just been award a Nobel chemistry prize last year.

Student’s Role in Project and Benefit to Student: The student will learn to make the samples, and measure the samples under super-resolution fluorescence microscope. Thus she or he will learn both bio-sample preparation and the imaging technique. These skills will greatly enhance the student’s ability in chemistry research. These skills are also widely needed in the top labs and companies around the world. Thus, the experience will help them pursue either an academic position as a graduate student or help them in finding industry opportunities.

Desired Qualifications for Apprentice (e.g. course background, skills, computer expertise, interest, etc.): Interested in biophysics. Required: General Chemistry and Calculus. Optional: Biochemistry, Physics, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and/or a computer language course.


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