January 26, 2015 at 5:16 pm

Brobst Talks ‘Oil, Ohio & World Power’ with Foundation

Dr. John Brobst, Associate Professor of History, presents a talk on “Oil, Ohio, and World Power” for the Ohio University Foundation Board of Trustees in February.

John Brobst“Oil, Ohio, and World Power” is a play on the title of Brobst’s popular course, “Oil, the Persian Gulf, and World Power.” His talk focuses the “fracking” boom in Ohio into a historical and global and geopolitical context to further an understanding of the historical role Ohio oil has played and the role of Ohio oil in the global energy market.

Brobst earned a bachelor’s degree in European history from the University of Kansas, and master’s and doctoral degrees in imperial and international history, both from the University of Texas at Austin. He is an associate professor in the History Department and directs the graduate program.

His interests focus on the British Empire and international relations. Brobst has published widely on problems of defense and foreign policy, both past and present, and is currently finishing a book about Anglo-American strategy in the Indian Ocean during the Cold War. His courses include classes such as Oil, the Persian Gulf, and World Power; History and Strategy of Afghan Wars; History and Strategy of Sea Power; Churchill’s Britain; Rise of the British Empire, and Fall of the British Empire.

After joining the Ohio University faculty in 2000, he developed what he thought would amount to a small-enrollment specialty course on the geopolitics of oil. Since then he has taught nearly 1,300 OHIO students in Oil, the Persian Gulf, and World Power.

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