November 20, 2014 at 7:56 pm

Video Microscopic Analysis for Determination of Cancer Cell Mechanical Properties

Jacob Hartman
B.S. Physics, Class of 2016

Jacob Hartman analyzed video microscopy images in Dr. David Tees’s lab, to get data that can be used to calculate the mechanical properties of cells. This work was done in consultation with Dr. Tees’s lab graduate students Aaron Burdette and Ameneh Mohammadalipour.

Hartman worked at learning how to use and modify Labview programs for image analysis and also the techniques for design and fabrication of microfluidic devices. Microfluidic measurements of cell mechanical properties could be used as a means of determining whether cancer cells are unusually invasive and hence more deadly.

Jacob Hartman – Intern with Dr. David Tees – junior at Ohio University – College of Arts & Sciences – Physics Major

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