November 20, 2014 at 7:40 pm

Making with Microcontrollers

Justin Courtright
B.S. Physics and Applied Mathematics, Class of 2016

Justin Courtright incorporated Arduino based microcontrollers into experiments in Dr. Eric Stinaff’s lab. This included a motorized x-y translation stage, a vacuum gauge, and a capacitive touch display. These will be used in low-temperature, high-resolution, photoluminescence experiments. He worked on a NIR spectrometer system that will be used to study the spectra from various materials and non-linear optical devices.

Courtright learned electronics design and software development. These skills and the ability to apply them to real needs in the laboratory are great assets in a research environment where custom experiments need to be built.

Justin Courtright – Intern with Dr. Eric Stinaff – junior at Ohio University – College of Arts & Sciences – physics and applied mathematics major

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