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November 10, 2014 at 6:14 pm

English Alum Helping Athens Library with Digital Literacy Pilot

Ohio University alum Shaila Meeker ’14 is an AmeriCorps member helping Athens County Public Libraries in a pilot program called Guiding Ohio Online, reports the Athens News.

Guiding Ohio Online places AmeriCorps members in rural Ohio libraries to deliver digital literacy training through computer classes, one-on-one computer assistance, and outreach. The vision, according to a news release, is for every Ohioan to be able to fully participate in online government, search and apply for jobs online, understand the risks and benefits of Internet finance, connect with family online, and protect personal information in the digital age.

ACPL’s AmeriCorps member is Shaila Meeker. Originally from Martins Ferry in Belmont County, Meeker was a Cutler Scholar and graduated this spring from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. She minored in computer sciences. During her college career, she also worked at Alden Library and with the International Student Union. Ms.

Meeker started offering classes in mid-October at the libraries throughout Athens County. “I’ve always felt passionate about learning,” Meeker said in the news release. “As an avid learner, I have always felt the best way to put my knowledge to use is to share it, which led me to AmeriCorps.”

“Learning doesn’t always have to be on paper,” Meeker said in the release. “The libraries offer so much electronically. I want to help people with basic computer skills, but also help them expand and take full advantage of all the library offers, from the research databases to e-magazines and e-books.”

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