November 20, 2014 at 8:13 pm

Determining the Feasibility of Measurements of the 19F(p,n)19Ne* Reaction

David Overton
B.S. Physics, Class of 2016

David Overton worked with Dr. Carl Brune, Professor of Physics at Ohio University, on determining the feasibility of measurements of the 19F(p,n)19Ne* reaction. The goal was to provide information to better determine 18F(p,alpha)15O reaction rate. This rate is important for the generation of energy and radioactivity in nova outburst.

Careful planning was crucial. Overton calculated the reaction kinematics, proton energy loss, and neutron time-of-flight resolution for various experimental configurations. If the measurement can be done with sufficient energy resolution, it will provide valuable information about the energy levels of 19Ne, which will help to pin down the aforementioned reaction rate.

“The biggest challenge for me was getting used to a LINUX computer and how it works,” Overton said. “I was able to meet with Dr. Brune periodically every other week, and we used e-mail. The best part of my experience was learning about the Edwards Accelerator and all the amazing things researchers can do here based on simple physics concepts, like the attraction or repulsion of electric charges to accelerate charged particles.”

David Overton – Intern with Dr. Carl Brune – junior at Ohio University – College of Arts & Sciences – physics major

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