October 1, 2014 at 2:07 pm

12 Geology Students Earn Extra-Departmental Grants & Awards

October 2014 Geological Sciences Newsletter

The Ohio University Geological Sciences Department announces its extra-departmental awards for 2013-14.

AAPG Student Research Grant

  • Audrey Blakeman (Adviser: Dr. Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch)

SEPM Student Research Grant

  • Audrey Blakeman (Adviser: Gierlowski-Kordesch)

GSA Student Research Grants

  • Jennifer Bauer (Adviser: Dr. Alycia Stigall)
  • Audrey Blakeman  (Adviser: Gierlowski-Kordesch)
  • Michael Blair (Adviser: Dr. Daniel Hembree)
  • James Brown (Adviser: Dr. Craig Grimes)
  • Michael Hils (Adviser: Hembree)

Paleontological Society Student Research Grant

  • Michael Hils (2013) (Adviser: Hembree) Adriane Lam (2014) (Adviser: Stigall)

Kerry Kelts Student Research Award from the GSA Limnogeology Division

  • Audrey Blakeman (Adviser: Gierlowski-Kordesch)

Provost Undergraduate Research Funds (PURF) (2014)

  • Lauren Johnson (Adviser: Hembree) Sarah Maj (Adviser: Dr. Dina López)
  • Paul Trygstad (Adviser: Dr. Keith Milam)

AEP Foundation Watershed Restoration Grant

  • Katherine Schleich  (Adviser: López)

GSA/AGU Travel Awards

  • Cody MacDonald (Adviser: Grimes)
  • Katherine Schleich (Adviser: López)
  • Peter Malinski (Adviser: Milam)

University Science Expo Awards (2014)

  • Audrey Blakeman (first place) (Adviser: Gierlowski-­‐Kordesch)
  • Cody MacDonald (second  place) (Adviser: Grimes)
  • Adriane Lam/Jennifer Bauer (first  place library award) (Adviser: Stigall)

Dry Dredgers Research Award

  • Adriane Lam (2014) (Adviser: Stigall)
  • Jennifer Bauer (2013) (Adviser: Stigall)

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