September 8, 2014 at 12:55 pm

‘Challenges in Teaching’ Faculty Learning Community Seeks Applicants

The “Challenges in Teaching” Faculty Learning Community is open to tenure-track, recently-tenured, and Group II faculty. Applications are due by Oct. 1.

Members will discuss challenges to effective pedagogy. Depending on the interests of the group, these may include the following:

  • Teaching sensitive subjects that center on political, religious, or social controversy and dealing with criticism from students and/or parents with emotionally charged points of view.
  • Teaching students how to understand a particular issue from an opposing perspective.
  • Responding to student disinterest in, and fear of, difficult subject matter and developing strategies to encourage them to consider failure in safe, productive ways.
  • Grading fairly and accurately, grade inflation, and possible correlations between grades and course evaluations.
  • Involving students in determining course content and assignments and incorporating student input during the course.
  • Taking a well-considered pedagogical risk and failing: the consequences for career advancement and merit review.

Two guest speakers will participate in the seminar. One will be a nationally recognized authority who also will give a public lecture. The other will be an Ohio University faculty member with an expertise in pedagogical issues.

Successful applicants will participate in six two-hour meetings during spring semester 2015, plus the public lecture. At each meeting, two members will introduce a topic relevant to the seminar theme for 15-20 minutes apiece and then use the remaining time in directing discussion on the topic. A seminar blog will allow participants to upload material on their topic before their presentation and provide an asynchronous venue for follow-up discussions beyond scheduled meetings. The community will invite guest speakers to contribute as well. The blog will be available to faculty at large after the seminar ends to serve as a forum for continuing discussions on teaching challenges within the College of Arts & Sciences. Participants who attend all meetings will receive a $400 stipend.

To apply, please send a CV and 250-word statement outlining the specific pedagogical challenge that you wish to discuss to facilitators: Dr. Neil Bernstein (, Classics & World Religions, and Dr. Herta Rodina ( ), Modern Languages. Deadline: Oct. 1, 2014.

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