August 16, 2014 at 11:41 am

New Wealth & Poverty Certificate Tackles Inequality and Empowerment

Ohio University students have a new undergraduate certificate option starting this fall—Wealth and Poverty.

The Wealth and Poverty Certificate (spring-2017) addresses economic growth, wealth distribution, poverty, inequality, and empowerment issues in both domestic and international settings.

Wealth & Poverty theme logoThe 18-hour certificate provides a coherent and interdisciplinary combination and sequence of courses yo give students a better understanding of the ways class, race, ethnicity, and gender shape inequality of opportunities within and between countries.

The new certificate is an option for students interested in the Wealth and Poverty Theme.

“Students in this certificate and theme will gain valuable insight into economic and poverty distribution and empowerment in the United States and around the world. These skills will be applicable to careers in the public sector and NGOs as well as those interested in advocacy or policy work,” says Dr. Yeong-Hyun Kim, Associate Professor of Geography.

A key component of the certificate and the theme is a service learning requirement that combines classwork with firsthand experience in related community service. Five service learning courses are available:

  • CFS 4660 – Transitions in Development: Middle & Later Life
  • ECON 3010 – Economics of Altruism
  • ECON 3120 – Economics of Poverty
  • GEOG 4280 – Community Geography
  • SW 2601 – Social Welfare Overview and Trends

“Real-world experiences gained from the service learning component of the curriculum will be an added asset in the job market,” says Dr. Edna Wangui, Associate Professor of Geography.

The Wealth and Poverty Certificate program allows students to choose one from the following five introductory courses: AAS 1060, GEOG 1310, HIST 1330, SOC 2300, and SW 1000. It also includes a capstone Seminar in Wealth and Poverty (T3 4400) as well as many electives from which to choose.

To enroll in the Wealth and Poverty theme, contact Dr. Yeong-Hyun Kim.

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