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June 13, 2014 at 12:20 pm

Psychology Today Quotes Alicke on Goody Two-Shoes

Psychology Today quoted Dr. Mark Alicke, Professor of Psychology at Ohio University, in a “Field Guide to the Goody Two-Shoes: Why tattletales are so annoying.”

Dr. Mark Alicke

Dr. Mark Alicke

Alicke specializes in the psychology of the self—including self-enhancement, social comparison, and the self in social judgment—and blame and responsibility.

We are harsher judges of others than of ourselves, research shows, because we have access to our own inner feelings but only to the actions of others. “If we know we really do mean to exercise next week or quit smoking or stop visiting porn sites,” we can give ourselves credit for our good intentions, says Mark Alicke, a psychologist at Ohio University. “But when other people are engaging in those behaviors, their behavior is all we know.”

Read the Psychology Today story.

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