June 17, 2014 at 3:11 pm

Geology Gets 1804 Grant for New Undergrad Microscope Lab

The Geological Sciences Department was awarded a grant for a new microscope lab from the 1804 Fund for Undergraduate Learning.

The grant will allow the department to move the existing lab to a larger classroom, increase the number of workstations, and acquire new reflected light microscopes.

Microscope imageThe larger lab is needed because of growth in the number of undergraduate majors and minors in Geological Sciences, which has a nearly 100 percent placement rate for jobs and graduate school. Three core courses intensely use microscopy in lab sections.

The $36,099 grant was approved by the Ohio University Foundation trustees in June.

Dr. Craig Grimes, Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences, submitted the proposal for “Relocation and Enhancement of the Geology Optical Microscope Lab: Promoting Hands-on Learning and Training for Undergraduates.”


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