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March 28, 2014 at 9:25 pm

Ironton Tribune: English Alum Gives Keynote at OUS Women’s Conference

Ohio University alum Cara Dingus Brook was the keynote speaker at the annual Women’s Conference at Ohio University Southern.

Brook is a Lawrence County native and current President and CEO of the Foundation for Appalachia Ohio. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English in 2002 and a Master of Public Administration degree in 2006 from Ohio University’s College of Arts & Sciences. She won the college’s Young Alumni “Spirit” Award in 2011 for her public service contributions.

“I’m really excited about speaking at the conference,” Brook said in an Ironton Tribune article. “This is a chance for women of all ages – from high school to in their 80s – to support each other. I’m glad I get to come home and spend some time with the ladies in the community.”

“Growing up I had a South Point address, Chesapeake phone number, went to Dawson-Bryant schools until junior high and then graduated from Ironton,” Brook said in the Tribune article. “It’s a real honor and I’m humbled I was asked to speak. This conference is a chance for all women to strengthen ourselves; to recharge and go back out and keep making differences in the community.”

Read more in the Ironton Tribune.


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