February 4, 2014 at 11:41 pm

INPP Seminar: Marrying ab initio calculations and Halo-EFT, Feb. 4

The Institute of Nuclear & Particle Physics Spring Seminar series presents Xilin Zhang of Ohio University on “Marrying ab initio calculations and Halo-EFT: The case of Li7(n, gamma)Li8 and Be7(p, gamma)B8” on Tuesday, Feb. 4. (Host: NTG)

Upcoming Events

Seminars are held in the Edwards Accelerator Laboratory Conference Room on Tuesdays, at 4:00 p.m.

Christine Aidala, Univeristy of Michigan, on “Investigating Proton Structure at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider” on Tuesday, Feb. 11.  (Host: J. Frantz)

Gerry Hale of Los Alamos National Laboratory on “Applications of Multichannel R-matrix Theory to Light Nuclei” on Monday, Feb. 17. (Host: K. Nollett/C. Brune) Note: Seminar on Monday.

Ryan Mitchell of Indiana University on “Charmonium Spectroscopy, the New “XYZ” States, and the Role of BESIII” on Tuesday, Feb. 25. (Host: K. Hicks)

Johan Frenje of MIT on Tuesday, March 11. (Host: C. Brune)

Ron Gilman of Rutgers on Tuesday, March 18. (Host: K. Hicks)

Paul Fallon of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory on Tuesday, March 25. (Host: H. Crawford)

Scott Bogner of MSU on Tuesday, April 1. (Host: Ch. Elster)

Mike Strickland of Kent State University on Tuesday, April 15. (Host: D. Phillips)

Cecilia Lunardini of Arizona State University on Tuesday, April 22. (Host: M. Prakash)

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