February 6, 2014 at 10:01 pm

CMSS Colloquium: Nanophotonic Structures for Sensing: Exploiting Photonic Crystal and Metamaterial Concepts, Feb. 6

The Condensed Matter & Surface Sciences Colloquium series presents Richard De La Rue from the University of Glasgow discussing “Nanophotonic Structures for Sensing: Exploiting Photonic Crystal and Metamaterial Concepts” on Thursday, Feb. 6, at 4:10 p.m. in Walter Lecture Hall 245.

Richard De La Rue

Richard De La Rue

De La Rue retired from the University of Glasgow in September 2010 and joined the Photonics Research Centre at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in April 2011 as Visiting Professor and Academic Icon. His contract in Malaysia ended in April 2012. Since August 2012 he has taken up the new position of Research Professor of Optoelectronics in the School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow. He also spent two months, in late 2011, at City University Hong Kong, as Kan Tong Po Visiting Professor. He recently returned (14th December 2013) from spending a further two month period at the University of Malaya, where he was again a Visiting Professor and Academic Icon, according to his webpage.

Some of his recent research has been concerned with photonic crystal and photonic wire structures, waveguide micro-cavities, silicon photonics and metamaterials. This work has evolved to include research on compact lasers, photonic-crystal LEDs and the applications of photonic crystal structures and metamaterial surfaces to bio-medical and organic sensing. At the University of Malaya he has been involved in research on optical fibre sensors (for acoustic waves), pulsed operation of optical fibre lasers based on graphene (oxide) saturable absorber structures, photonic nano-clusters, multi-wavelength fibre lasers and planar waveguide structures that involve graphene oxide multi-layers. He has published more than 270 articles as papers in journals and magazines and book chapters. He has also given a large number of conference presentations, many of which were invited, keynote or plenary presentations. Most of his more recent publications are listed at:

Abstract: Nanophotonic device structures provide a promising technological base for reliable sensing in a variety of applications, including bio-medicine, the environment and gas detection. This seminar presentation will review some recent progress based on photonic crystals and metamaterials concepts. Photonic crystal principles provide a promising approach as nanophotonic structures for a variety of sensing applications – including detection of small quantities of organic materials quite generally, biomedical sensing down to the single molecule level and environmental sensing, e.g. for air and water quality measurement purposes. Metamaterial surfaces in the form of planar arrays of split-ring resonators (SRRs) have been the subject of numerous investigations. We have investigated the characteristics and possible applications of the specific SRR geometry known as the asymmetric SRR, which exhibits two peaks in its reflection spectrum, as well as a ‘trapped mode’ – in which most of the incident light is absorbed. The seminar presentation will consider both the vitally important sensitivity issues and the impact of localising the material of interest in sensing.

Reference: Basudev Lahiri, Scott G. McMeekin, Richard M. De La Rue, and Nigel P. Johnson, ‘Enhanced Fano resonance of organic material films deposited on arrays of asymmetric split-ring resonators (A-SRRs)’, Optics Express, 21(8), pp. 9343 – 9352, 22nd April (2013).

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