February 7, 2014 at 3:57 pm

Classics & World Religions Colloquia for Spring 2014

Throughout the Spring Semester 2014, the Department of Classics & World Religions hosts a series of colloquia featuring faculty members from both Ohio University and from other institutions. They will all take place in Ellis 212 starting at 5:35 pm on the dates specified.

Wednesday, Feb. 19: Bice Peruzzi, from the University of Cincinnati, on “Dancing around the grave? Central Apulian funerary practices between the 6th and 3rd century BCE”

Wednesday, March 19: Steven Tuck, from Miami University, on “Gods and Myths: The Sculptural Programs of Flavian Amphitheaters”

Wednesday, April 2: Heidi Wendt, from Wright State, on “More than a Myth of Persecution: Christian ‘Martyrdom’ and the Religion of Freelance Experts”

Wednesday, April 16: Ruth Palmer, from Ohio University, on “Sir Arthur Evans and the Bow of Pandaros from Iliad”

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