January 30, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Math Colloquium: Dynamics of Liquid Membranes, Jan. 31

The Mathematics Colloquium series presents Professor Alexander Nepomnyashchy (Technion, Israel) on the Dynamics of Liquid Membranes on Friday Jan. 31, at 4:10 p.m. in Morton 318.

Alexander Nepomnyashchy

Dr. Alexander Nepomnyashchy

Abstract: It is known that vesicles formed by lipid bilayer membranes, which are permeable for water and small molecules but impermeable for large molecules, can be used for transportation of a toxic drug to a target, where the drug is released through created pores. A lipid membrane can be considered as a two-dimensional liquid medium surrounded by a three-dimensional medium of the ambient liquid. The dynamics of a liquid membrane includes a viscous or viscoelastic two-dimensional flow inside the membrane and an elastic deformation of the membrane itself.

We consider a mathematical model that describes the membrane dynamics. An instability of a lipid vesicle, which leads to the change of its shape, is discussed. A special attention is paid to the dynamics of a pore in a stretched membrane.

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