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December 10, 2013 at 8:32 am

WOUB: OU English Grad Student Discusses Why She Is an Ally

Megan Villegas, a graduate student and instructor in the English Department at Ohio University, is an ally of the LGBT culture, and she shares her coming out story with WOUB’s Visuals team, reports WOUB. She talks about the importance of “always being an ally” and how she is teaching her students to handle important issues.

“For me, coming out as an ally was really an external process. It was learning about the LGBT community, learning that there were people I knew who were LGBT people…being more aware that the community existed and realizing that I couldn’t have a neutral stance….Once you start learning about LGBT folks, you start learning how they are treated differently, so you really can’t have a neutral stance anymore,” she says in the interview.

Watch her interview on WOUB.

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