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December 10, 2013 at 9:08 am

New American Quotes Mda on Mandela Contradictions

A column by Alex Newman in the New American  quotes from a New York Times Dec. 6 column by Dr. Zakes Mda, Professor of Creative Writing in the English Department at Ohio University.

Dr. Zakes Mda“It is ironic that in today’s South Africa, there is an increasingly vocal segment of black South Africans who feel that Mandela sold out the liberation struggle to white interests,” claimed Ohio University Professor Zakes Mda, who knew Mandela, in the Times column. “This will come as a surprise to the international community, which informally canonized him and thinks he enjoyed universal adoration in his country.” As the Times’ piece suggests, even more extreme anti-white racist and Marxist forces are gathering momentum.

Read the New American article.

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