October 8, 2013 at 8:25 am

Wednesday: Lemon Meringue; Thursday: Mud Pie

Measure two faculty from the College of Fine Arts, add one from English. Stir well. Bake lovingly by another English faculty. Enjoy.

The baker is Dr. Eric LeMay, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing: Nonfiction, who is Web Editor with Alimentum: The Literature of Food. LeMay also is involved in the College of Arts & Sciences Food Studies theme.

The recipe poet is Becca J.R. Lachman, English Instructor and Assistant Coordinator of the Student Writing Center.

The creators of  “The Pie Series”  series videos are David Colagiovanni, Visiting Artist/Scholar of Video, Sound, Performance, and Melissa Haviland, Associate Professor of Printmaking.

Colagiovanni, Haviland and Lachman are neighbors in Athens, and often find themselves in each other’s kitchens. This collaborative project features videos from the archive of Haviland and Colagiovanni and poetry inspired by Lachman’s Mennonite grandma, who buys pie boxes in bulk. More poems in this pie series can be found in Image and The Cresset. Read Lachman’s blog at

Enjoy Wednesday: Lemon Meringue:

Listen to Thursday: Mud Pie:

Read the poems at Alimentum: The Literature of Food.

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