October 18, 2013 at 9:35 am

Post: Proposal Submitted for Observatory on Ridges Site

Joe Shields, Vice President for Research and Creative Activity and dean of the Graduate College, has proposed OU build an observatory to house two telescopes on the former site of Building 26 at The Ridges,” writes Ohio University Post reporter Will Drabold on Oct. 3.

The proposal, submitted Aug. 26, requests $300,000 to install ‘two telescope shelters (domes) and a small storage building.”

Machinists in OU’s Department of Physics and Astronomy are currently putting together drawings for a new base of the Fecker refractor based on a similar telescope in Illinois. The plans will be put out to bid, as a foundry is required to remake the roughly 1,750 pound cast-iron base of the telescope, said Dr. David Ingram, chair of the Physics & Astronomy Department.

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