September 11, 2013 at 11:48 am

Roche Presents First Results in Quest Beyond ‘Standard Model of Particle Physics’

Dr. Julie Roche, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, was invited to give a talk at the 2013 SACNAS National Conference & Special 40th Anniversary Celebration on Oct. 3 in San Antonio, TX. She will discuss “First Determination of the Weak Charge of the Proton.”

Dr. Julie Roche

Dr. Julie Roche

One of the largest annual gatherings of minority scientists in the country, the interdisciplinary, and interactive SACNAS National Conference motivates and inspires. The SACNAS National Conference supports its diverse membership showcasing cutting-edge science and features mentoring and training sessions. Programming is specifically tailored to support undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and career professionals at each transition stage of their career as they move towards positions of science leadership.

“One of the biggest achievements of  20th-century science is the establishment of the Standard Model of Particle Physics,” she says in her abstract. “Though still called a model, the Standard Model is a fundamental and well-tested physics theory. All particles predicted by the model have been found, and the consistency of the model has been tested and found correct for about 20 years.

“Yet despite its incredible success, the Standard Model is known to be incomplete, and  the quest for ‘Physics beyond the Standard Model’ is one of the major enterprises of today’s Particle Physics. It is in this general context that the QWEAK experiment aims to provide a stringent low energy test of one of the predictions of the Standard Model, using the well-matured technique of parity violation in electron scattering. I will present the first result extracted from this experiment.”

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