September 5, 2013 at 11:53 pm

Prakash, Eremenko Present at Argonne National Laboratory

Madappa Prakash

Madappa Prakash

Dr. Madappa Prakash, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, presented a Physics Division Colloquia Sept. 6 at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago. Prakash—who has a broad range of interests that include nuclear and particle physics, the physics of high energy heavy-ion collisions, and astrophysics—will discuss “Lessons from New Observations of Neutron Stars.”

“Several new observations of neutron stars are beginning to shed light on the composition and structure of the densest form of observable cold matter in our Universe,” notes Prakash. “Examples include the recent reports of two-solar-mass neutron stars (PSR J1614-2230 and PSR J0348+0432), the rapid cooling of the neutron star in Cassiopeia A, and a candidate for coalescence of compact object binaries. In this talk, implications of these observations for the theoretical models of extreme states of matter will be highlighted.”

Dr. Vasily Eremenko, a post-doctoral researcher in the College of Arts & Sciences Department of Physics and Astronomy, presented at the XXVI Midwest Theory Get-Together on Sept. 6 to 7 at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago. He discussed “Momentum-Space Coulomb-Distorted Matrix Elements for Heavy Nuclei.”

For more information on Eremenko’s topic, see Two Physicists Present at European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics.


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