September 9, 2013 at 11:51 am

Govorov Speaks at IEEE Photonics Conference

Professor Alexander Govorov

Professor Alexander Govorov

Dr. Alexander O. Govorov, Ohio University Professor of Physics and Astronomy, gives an invited talk on Nanophotonics at the IEEE Photonics Conference in Bellevue, Wash., Sept. 8-12.

His talk is on “Optically active hybrid nanostructures: Injection of hot plasmonic electrons, exciton-plasmon interaction, chirality and related applications.”

“Hybrid nanostructure excited by incident light can efficiently inject hot electrons to a semiconductor contact, and this process becomes strongly enhanced due to the plasmon resonance,” he says in his abstract. The talk also presented results on novel optical properties of nanostructures coming from electromagnetic interactions between nanocrystals and biomolecules. Potential applications of hybrid nanostructures are in bio-sensors, light harvesting and optical detectors.

“Excitons and plasmons in nanocrystals strongly interact via Coulomb and electromagnetic fields, and this interaction leads to characteristic interference effects which can be observed in optical spectra. If a system includes chiral elements (chiral molecules or nanocrystals), the exciton-plasmon interaction is able to enhance strongly circular dichroism (CD) of chiral components. Strong CD signals also appear in purely plasmonic systems with a chiral geometry and a strong particle-particle interaction.”

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