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Konneker Fund Supports Programs with Wide Impact, Best Practices in Mind

May 1, 2013
By Kelee Riesbeck

Trustees of The Ohio University Foundation approved funding for projects that benefit OHIO faculty and students at the Athens and regional campuses through the Konneker Fund for Learning and Discovery Endowment at their March meeting. Konneker Funds are aimed at supporting projects that have University-wide impact and align with best practices documented in national research.

Promoting Teaching Excellence

Dr. Tom Carpenter, Charles J. Ping Professor of Humanities, director of the Ping Institute, chair of the Department of Classics and World Religions and professor of classics, and William Condee, the J. Richard Hamilton/Baker & Hostetler Professor of Humanities, director of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and professor of interdisciplinary arts, received $40,000 in funding for “Toward an Ohio University Teaching Academy,” a program that pairs tenured professors known for their excellence in teaching with untenured professors with the goal of raising the profile and quality of undergraduate teaching at OHIO. The program is an initiative of the Ping Institute for the Teaching of the Humanities and honors the already established Bruning Teaching Academy, created in 2005 in University College by former Provost James Bruning and his wife Marlene. Participating faculty will be known as Bruning Teaching Fellows and support from the Konneker Fund will serve as a bridge for securing future funding from national sources for this initiative. The program aims to pair five tenured faculty with five non-tenured faculty in its first year.

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