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June 18, 2013 at 3:15 pm

Student Gets Naval History Grant to Study Reagan Administration

The Navy History and Heritage Command recognized four individuals—one of them a doctoral student in history at Ohio University’s College of Arts & Sciences—on June 17 for works they are proposing to publish that will further the understanding and application of current U.S. Navy strategy through historical context. They will receive research and writing grants to help them continue their efforts on behalf of the U.S. Navy, reports SeaWaves magazine.

The Rear Adm. Ernest M. Eller Graduate Research Grant, named in honor of a former Director of Naval History, for his contributions to U.S. naval history, was awarded to Steven T. Wills, doctoral student at Ohio University. Wills proposes to study of the effects of the 1980’s naval grand strategy on the Reagan Administration. The NHHC committee was impressed by the quality of Mr. Wills’ select list of key individuals he will interview. NHHC awarded Wills a stipend in an amount up to $2,500.

“These scholars and the critical thinking they offer our Navy are an incredible benefit to Navy leadership,” said Capt. Henry Hendrix, Ph.D., command director. “The history of the Navy is rich and complex, and researching different aspects of our history can be an epic undertaking. These scholars are helping Navy leadership place today’s missions in context. This allows our Navy—and really our nation—to make smarter decisions.”

“Recipients of the grants produce dissertations, books, and essays that advance our knowledge and understanding of the nation’s naval history,” Michael Crawford, Ph.D., command senior historian. “The fellowship, scholarship, and pre- and post-doctoral grants that NHHC provides encourage scholars unaffiliated with the Naval History and Heritage Command to create new knowledge and understanding of U.S. naval history and thus advance the command’s mission.”

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