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An Introduction to Eta Sigma Phi

November 22, 2011
By Rachel Thomas

Classics is a field filled with some of the most fascinating parts of history. As a field, it is almost by nature interdisciplinary–one can’t study Classics without studying politics, literature, law, religion, language, and philosophy. It is not a field for the faint of heart–it forces a person to reexamine one’s own way of life through the lens of those who lived long ago.

Eta Sigma Phi (ΗΣΦ) is a national honor society for students of Latin and Greek. As a society, its aim is to raise awareness about the richness of the Classical World and bring it to all, not just those studying Latin and Greek. In order to be a full member, you must have at least two quarters of either language with at least a B average. With that being said, there are many ways in which those who have neither the grades nor the languages can get involved–whether it’s just coming to fun events such as our annual Taste of Classics event or movie nights, Eta Sigma Phi has something for everyone.

Additionally, Eta Sigma Phi also offers tutoring for Latin and Greek at all levels–so if you’re looking to improve your average, we’re here to help. If any of the above sounds appealing, then contact Sergeant-At-Arms Rachel Thomas (me!) at for more information. Valete!

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