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May 2, 2013 at 7:52 pm

WKSU Asks Vedder About Income Tax Cuts and Job Creation

WKSU’s Statehouse Bureau Chief Karen Kasler interviewed two economic experts about “one of the most fundamental debates over the Ohio state budget”—whether income tax cuts  create jobs.

Richard Vedder is a professor of economics at Ohio University and testified in favor of Gov. John Kasich’s budget, which featured a 20 percent income tax cut across the board and a 50 percent income tax cut for small businesses. He has a much stronger opinion on whether income tax cuts create jobs.

“I think the answer is yes,” Vedder said. “I do agree, however, that this is a complex issue.”

See the April 19 report: “Do income tax cuts produce jobs in Ohio? Economic experts debate the role of tax cuts in job creation.”

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