May 29, 2013 at 12:50 pm

Student Helps Japanese Students Translate Environmental Project, Takes Second

Amanda Tagert

Amanda Tagert and Chubu University students take second place at research symposium.


Ohio University’s Amanda Tragert ’14 was at the microphone, making the presentation that she had translated on behalf of the  environmental studies group. Tragert and her group took second place at the research symposium at Chubu University in Japan.

“I’ve been helping out an environmental studies group on campus that contacted me because they wanted to translate some of their materials,” says Tragert, an Asian Studies and German major who has been studying abroad for the past year in Japan. “They’re working on some educational materials that they ended up presenting to a UN group in Europe, and I got to translate and give their presentation on the whole project. Our group ended up taking second place.”

“This is one of the first times one of our students has been able to do a presentation at the Chubu University ESD research symposium, which included presentations on  research and activities that may lead to new developments,” said Dr. Christopher Thompson, Chair of the Linguistics Department in the Ohio University College of Arts & Sciences. He is also Associate Professor of Japanese Language and Culture and Director of the Chubu Study Abroad Program. “This accomplishment, especially taking second place,  reflects the state of not only our Japanese Program at OU but also the opportunities that Chubu University is making available to our students who study abroad there—even if they are undergraduates!”

“Chubu University’s ESD Eco-Money team international unit was impressive in taking second place. I am very happy that Amanda was able to participate in activities of the Japanese education center and pleased by her willingness to interact with our students,” said Michiko Ishinabe, who earned an M.A. in Social Work from Ohio University in 2002. She is the office manager for the Center For International Studies at Chubu University.



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