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Economics Alum ‘Gives the Gift of a Happy Childhood’

Children at Sphoorti, Hyderabad, India“Srivyal Vuyyuri was 28 when he returned from Ohio University with a degree in M.A. Economics. He could have had the stereotypical life of comfort, but he went ahead and took the responsibility of educating many underprivileged children instead.” Writer Kanchan Agarwal describes Vuyyuri as the man behind Sphoorti, an organization that is transforming the lives of destitute children  in Hyderabad, India.

Founded by Ohio University alum Vuyyuri in 2006, Sphoorti now “gives the gift of a happy childhood” to more than 160 children—orphaned, abandoned, destitute, some the children of Dommara sex workers—providing them with long-term care. This includes basic needs, education and healthcare, and skills necessary to transform them into responsible citizens. Visit the NGO on Facebook.

The NGO was  honored May 21 with a prestigious 2013 Top-Rated Award by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews about nonprofit organizations.

Srivyal Vuyyuri at Sphoorti, Hyderabad, India

Srivyal Vuyyuri

“I always had an ambition to work full time for the not-so-fortunate children. My original plan was to start a school for underprivileged children in the neighbourhood. The idea was to provide access to quality education at affordable or zero cost. Somehow, things did not work to plan. Then I decided to take care of children without parents and send them to schools in the vicinity,” he told writer Agarwal in a Postnoon interview April 21:

Q. What gave you the impetus to choose this over a job that may have paid you very well, letting you have the luxurious life everyone dreams of?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That is my idea of luxury, choosing to be happy every moment. I get an emotional high every now and then seeing my children grow up, kids who joined Sphoorti as very young children passing out of school, and 150 children waving hands saying “hi” when I meet and “bye” when I leave. What more can I ask for? I am wealthy as I have an abundance of what I value, care and love.

Q. People who want to do their bit for the society do not have the courage to step out of their comfort zone. Although, they may perform small acts of kindness on a daily basis. What do you have to say to them?

I think people should continue to do what they are best at. Society needs growth engines to generate wealth. People like us are around to distribute it. Sphoorti survives on the generous acts of hundreds of people who have a busy work/life schedule and still take time to think about fellow human beings in need. We will definitely appreciate if some of them would like to join us full time. For us, finding people to work is more difficult than finding sponsors.

Q. What are the future plans of Sphoorti now?

We want to construct permanent structures—hostel blocks and a school in our own land. Someday, I hope to see 1,000 kids in our campus full of smiles and confidence, though my friends say I am not dreaming big enough. We want to be one of the best organisations in the City in this field. Read the entire Postnoon interview.

Children at Sphoorti, Hyderabad, IndiaSphoorti currently has three children’s homes at its Hyderabad facility, one for boys, one for girls and another for children below 6 years of age, plus a separate facility for cooking and dining.

“We are excited to be named a Top-Rated 2013 Nonprofit,” says Vuyyuri, Director of Sphoorti. “We are proud of our accomplishments this year, including ties with NIIT Foundation, Google-Inktalks, State Chess Association and imparting martial arts training to our children.” The Top-Rated Nonprofit award was based on the large number of positive reviews that Sphoorti received—reviews written by volunteers, donors and clients. People posted their personal experience with the nonprofit. For example, one person wrote, “Wonderful organization with amazing management that does so much for these children. I’ve never met children so helpful, kind, engaged, playful, happy and caring as these ones.”

“Savvy donors want to see the impact of their donations more than ever,” said Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits, “People with direct experience with Sphoorti have voted that the organization is making a real difference.” Being on the Top-Rated list gives donors and volunteers more confidence that this is a credible organization. The reviews by volunteers, clients and other donors show the on-the-ground results of this nonprofit. This award is a form of recognition by the community.

Learn more about Sphoorti.

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