March 20, 2017 at 12:27 pm

Senior Gains Experience with Internship at Adult Parole Authority

Brandon Wyant

Brandon Wyant

Brandon Wyant `17, Sociology-Criminology major and Information and Telecommunication Systems minor, is currently interning at the Adult Parole Authority in Athens.

Wyant is highly involved at his internship and has many tasks including checking in with parolees, notifying officers, and sitting in on parole hearings.

Internships are a great way to gain experience and knowledge in your field of interest.

Why an Internship?

This internship suited Wyant, although it is not a requirement for his major. It still counts for credit, however, and he already has gained invaluable experience in his short time there.

“I have learned more in the six weeks I have been there than in the three years of classes I took,” he says.

Wyant says that the thing he enjoys most is the interactions with the people in the community and trying to help them out to get to a better place. Although things do not always turn out how he expects them to, he most enjoys seeing people come to a realization about their life for the good.


Something that is a surprise to Wyant about his internship is the type of work he does. He said he was not expecting to be doing so much social work. He is also very involved in the community. Wyant says that he enjoys these aspects of his job very much.

Advice When Looking for an Internship

Asked if he had any advice for students who are looking or plan on looking for internships in the future, Wyant says that keeping your GPA up is really important in being eligible for internships. He also says that talking to your faculty and professors is a great idea as they often know where to look for internships, both with the school and outside of it. His last piece of advice is that it helps if the internship is going to give you credit hours. However, even if you do not receive class credits for your internship time you will surely gain tremendous experience and perspective for a future career.

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